Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Should Be Illegal: Eric's Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Bacon Cake

A few weeks ago we said farewell to a dear employee who stuck it out with us for two years. For those not in the restaurant business, that doesn't sound like a long time. We are lucky to have almost half our staff for longer than two years, but still, two years is kind of like a tour of duty in a restaurant. Unless you move up or change positions, you go a little nuts after two years.

Eric made a cake. Eric doesn't make a cake for everyone. He makes cake when he's inspired to do so, and because of this, his cakes are amazing. He made a monster cake for our son's 4th birthday that was...HUGE and was of course a monster. Then there was his famous (infamous?) She-Cake.

But when he came out with this cake, covered in bacon, I knew to let go of logic and dive in.

It should be illegal. It should have heart warnings stuck in it like little country of origin flags. It should go in a cookbook.

Decadent chocolate cake covered in a rich peanut butter cream frosting, covered in crispy bacon. Oh. My. God.

It was so rich I said halfway through that I really should stop. "I'm going to be sick," I said. I finished it. Felt a little sick, but a bit of milk and rest stabled me out just fine.

Try this at home. I dare ya.


  1. Bacon and cake, I need to try this.

  2. Not sure whether to gag or gobble! Confused but brave enough to try it if given the opp.

  3. J, I'm forwarding this to some folks at work...a few of us one day had a conversation about the surprisingly pleasing combination of peanut butter and bacon.

  4.'s Peter D...don't have a profile on google. ;)

  5. Thanks, Peter and Bob! I swear, you don't have to be pregnant to love this cake :)!