Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming soon: She's Smokin'

In addition to the Central Texas Barbecue Series I've been slowly posting, I will be adding some new She's Smokin' segments, just like in the book, from interviews I've done with women in the pits here at Memphis in May.

Until then, I leave you with a few photos of women in the crowd.

The first is a Memphis in May volunteer that won a Big Easy Smoker-Roaster-Grill in one of the many Char-Broil giveaways this week. She was so happy. She'd already planned on buying one, and then she answered the trivia question correctly.

I'm not sure which trivia question it was, so I'll give you one that was asked this weekend.

Who was the first winner of Memphis in May?

I'll give you a hint: She won the first contest in 1978.

That's right! Bessie Louise Cathey

Speaking of winners, check out the first results that are in. The really important results, all things pig (whole hog, ribs, shoulder), won't be up till later today. Turn in time is at noon. Yesterday teams turned in all the "other" categories: Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Exotic, Coleslaw, Beans... you get the idea. These won't win teams the Grand Champion, only their chosen pork category can do that, but winners receive prize money and bragging rights.

The next photo needs no other words. OK, that's too hard for me. Aren't these ladies cute?


  1. Awesome post Julie!! Have tons of fun at MIM!

  2. Can't wait to here about your interviews with the female competitors. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Good post! Looking forward to the rest of your MIM posts

  4. Those are nice shirts! Hope you made it home safely.

  5. Thank you all! I had a rough time getting back, then a pile waiting for me at the restaurant, but I have high hopes for tonight!