Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let summer vacation begin!

This a picture of Seiku, one of the Seattle Aquarium's sealions, lounging in the sun by the side of the pool. That's what I feel like doing right now because today marks the end of one heck of a summer. Sure we have a catering tomorrow, and the next day, but nothing will be like the last few months...until next summer.

I'm (naturally, continuously) behind on paperwork, so I don't even know if this year's numbers were better than last year, but it feels like it. I feel like it. Maybe it's just that I worked more hours because the kids are a little older, and I can. Maybe it's because we had so little drama in the crew this year. Love that. We had a great group this season. No one dropped out. D&A issues were almost null. No one got together and then broke up. That reminds me to take a group photo this week.

I can't believe that I already need to put out the Labor Day signs and e-mail. I mean I'm late putting them up! The summer flew by in a blur.

(Speaking of which, Smokin' Pete's will be open as usual on Labor Day, then closed the day after for a day of rest. OK, back to She-Smoke).

Speaking of which, I am now officially starting my first real day off since June 3rd. When you think of me, think of ol' Seiku up there, with that look of total relaxation and face turned toward the sun. And yes, she and I bear other resemblances, but let's not go there.

So tell me, what did you do for summer vacation? I'm not asking because I feel sorry for myself for working so hard. We pack plenty of summer fun around barbecue season, albiet locally. I simply ask because today I have arrived at summer vacation, and want to sit on the virtual sun deck with you to enjoy it.