Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Official: The She-Smoke Southern Book Tour

I've been hinting at this for months, and dates are now firm for the big book tour. Back in November I decided I'd only go to cities where I have relatives and friends. Once I realized just how many pins in the map that really meant, I scaled it down a bit. I'll be bringing along the whole fam damly, after all, on our first ever road-trip-longer-than-Portland.

You can watch me unravel right here on the blog during the tour.

Besides the TV appearances and book store events below, I'll be eating my way through some serious barbecue, and blogging about it. I promise to take drool-worthy pictures.

My first stop is Austin, a city that has, until now, eluded me. There is a Seattle-Austin connection and most of my friends have either lived there for a spell, come here from there, or have visited and loved it to pieces.

Here is the full schedule. It is also listed on the website.

April 14: AUSTIN, TX - Book reading and signing at Book Woman, 7pm. What better first stop on the tour than Austin's famous feminist bookstore.

April 20: ATLANTA, GA - TV Segment on Better Mornings Atlanta. Host Flip Fors and I will be talking barbecue, girl-style, in the wee hours of the morning (5-7am).

April 21: ATLANTA, GA - Book signing and barbecue event by A Cappella Books, hosted at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club, 7pm. EAYC has a pit barbecue and bar. My kind of book event!

April 23: BIRMINGHAM, AL - TV Segment on Good Day Alabama, 7am. I'll be grilling on the roof of this Fox News affiliate LIVE.

April 24: BIRMINGHAM, AL - Book signing and cook out at Alabama Booksmith, 2pm. We'll be 'cuein' in the parking lot of Birmingham's premier independent bookstore. Cook out lasts until the food is gone. I'll read a short bit from the book as well.

I still may add one more book event at the end, and will update you if that happens.

Stay tuned for the *****SOUTHERN TOUR CONTEST***** to be announced later this week.


  1. Oh darn the one weekend you will be in AL, I will arrive in GA! Darn darn darn!

    Have fun for me too! I will be fishing and hunting, something I love less than smokin', but it is fun any hoo!

  2. That would have been fun to meet face to face! Have fun in GA. Send some AL foodie friends to the event! We're doing pork sliders and other barbecue bites.

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I wish I was going with you...

  4. What places are you going to be grabbing BBQ from in Austin?

  5. Hi Ray,
    For sure Salt Lick, Ironworks, and Ruby's. I'd like to try Artz Rib House, Sam's, Ben's Long Branch..and the list keeps growing. My poor vegetarian cousin with whom I'm staying!

  6. Cooper's BBQ in Llano (my all time favorite) and Snow's BBQ in Lexington are some of the best in the state. Both are roughly an hour away. Salt Lick is a must as well.

    Ironworks is hit or miss for me. Wasn't really impressed with Ruby's. Artz Rib House had great baby backs, but everything else was forgettable.

  7. Ah, Coopers. I'd love to go there. I'll have my 15 mo old on tour solo for the Austin leg, so I can't set anything in stone :). Interesting you didn't like Ruby's. A friend of mine that lived there loved them, but that was some time ago.