Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rib class photos and a class I think you would enjoy

Here are a few shots of last night's rib class. What a blast! 30 students and a crew to help me from the amazing Pacific Culinary Studio. All of the photos with me are with funny expressions, red eyes, my head down, or the dreaded double chin shot. The first is me answering a question right before we started plating up the ribs. 

Here is the fabulous owner Lindalee. She and her husband run a first rate kitchen and wine shop too.

A shot of the grilled pineapple and jicama that went into the Island Slaw.

By the way, a really great class of theirs on March 17, that still has openings is by organic farmers Mark and Patricia Lovejoy, from Garden Treasures Farm. Here is the info:

Class Title: Know Where Your Food Comes From Organic Food: What Do You Pay For
Wednesday March 17, 6:30-8:30 $15

Garden Treasures is an organic farm located in the Stillaguamish Valley just north of Marysville off of Highway 530—the road to Arlington and Darrington. Mark and Patricia Lovejoy purchased the farm in 2004 with an eye to creating an easily accessible venue for organic food. They established their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) in 2007. Garden Treasure’s has partnered with Pacific Culinary Studio to bring you a local drop point for your weekly CSA pick up. In this class Mark will discuss farming and marketing of organic food in the Snohomish County area. Mark has offered CSA at Garden Treasures for three years and has seen the program grow and seen the changes that having a constant source of flavorful, nutrient dense vegetables and fruits makes in his customers.


  1. Woah, you're awesome. Love the photos, congrats on the sell out class. the food looks amazing. I am learning so much from you blog. Now with spring time coming, look out. So glad I peeked in today. Take care, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

    P.S. FYI, If you use Google Reader to view blogs U follow, mine shows no new postings published since August 09. This is a Google Error with no avail. fixes Grrrrrr........

  2. Thank you, Sam (a.k.a. Keri :)) By the way, I see recent blog posts. I follow you through blogger. I'm a binge blog reader. I read a month's worth at a time, comment, and then disappear for awhile. But I do read and love your blog!