Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes, but is it bloggable? Israeli cous cous and the cranky chef

One of the pitfalls and pluses of writing a food blog is that every meal that gets made is categorized: bloggable and non-bloggable. Pitfall, because sometimes the family doesn't want to wait to eat while mom photographs their plate. Plus, because there is always a meal being cooked and therefore always a blog post in the making.

Not every meal is bloggable. The other night I had big plans with my stuffed smoked chicken thighs. I pounded them out, stuffed them with cheeses and herbs, rolled and skewered them. They fell apart and were a complete mess. In the end I breaded and fried the little buggers. Tasty, but not bloggable.

I'm pretty spoiled living with a chef. I can bring home ingredients A, B & C, and sort of waive them under his nose. Then I walk away. In a short while I hear chopping, sizzling, and aromas wafting into the livingroom. I've succeeded: he's inspired and I'm off dinner tonight.

The other night I brought home some Israeli cous cous, carrots, broccoli, and Mahi Mahi.

Have you tried Israeli cous cous? I love the giant balls. They look so gorgeous on the plate, and are hearty enough to stand up to a meaty fish like Mahi Mahi, or a big fat steak.

My kids love the balls because they are fun to eat. They roll. You can throw them. As for that last quality I must say the larger balls are much easier to clean up than regular cous cous, which also gets thrown and squished and dropped at the dinner table.

When my husband threw down the plates of this dinner on the table, I immediately said, "Oooh, that looks beautiful. Let me take a picture for the blog!"

He shot back a disgruntled face and sneered, "Can't we just eat dinner? Must I be a blog whore?"

Blog whore. Harsh but warranted, I suppose. I resisted posting this for a week, but then I saw the photo today, and remembered how delicious that meal was, and how pretty it looked. See?

I can't give you the recipe because I didn't want my head bitten off at the time. Israeli cous cous, however, steams in the pot just like the smaller stuff. It just needs a little more time. Add in a pat of butter and some fresh herbs and serve it with any main dish.


  1. This is funny. I go through this same thought process for everything I cook or bake..."Should I add this to my blog or not?" I've been tempted to start taking pictures of my recipes, but my family would certainly get impatient with me! Since my recipe collection is really just for my own reference, and I have no business stake in my blog, I can't quite justify putting my family through the photography component of blogging.

    Last night, after my usual question,"Do you guys like this?" Desiree responded with her usual sly smile, "Of course! Mama, you don't have to ask us that every single night!" I said, "Sorry, I'm going to ask you that every day for the rest of my life!" I've been torturing my family with that question since the beginning of time. It's amazing how often we have this exact same dinner conversation.

    To find out how honest they are and whether they "just like it enough" (i.e., edible) or they actually Love my recipe, I've always followed up my first question with, "Is it good enough for me to make again?" That question has recently involved into, "Is it good enough to put in my blog?" I like the idea of taking it a step further and asking everyone, "Is it Bloggable?" :)

    Now, if you'll excuse me from the table, I have to go type in my recipe before I forget how I made it!

  2. Yes, post it! I've been perusing your recipes and think you are ready to put them out there.

    As for the verb, "bloggable", adding another "g" just seemed right. Do y'all agree?

  3. Ditto! I made a really good Israeli Couscous recently, but realized hubby ate it all, before I got photos, so those go under 'Not so bloggable', lol!

  4. Definitely needs the second "g." Otherwise, it would be pronounced, "bloe-ga-bull." I want to try that Israeli Couscous...I was eyeballing the package of that stuff at the store recently.

  5. Every meal is blogable. I want to know about your failures as well as your success!

    Any advice for dealing with teenagers when you're trying to take pictures and they want to eat?

  6. Thank you WTBBQ! I could fill a blog with all my failures. Hmm. Teenagers. I'm not there yet. But I have a 4yr old going on 14. He ducks the camera too.