Thursday, March 25, 2010

When summer comes in March...

It was 70 degrees today. In Seattle. In March. At one point in my car I struggled to throw off my fleece jacket, getting all tangled up, because I was too hot.

It's no wonder I came home with a thick ribeye in the bag.

Summer makes me crave steak like no other time of year. I use my grills and smokers year round, but it's almost like summer air does something to open up the flavors of a steak. The warm spring air tonight had the same effect.

We loaded the lump charcoal in our trusty worn Weber and grilled meaty portabellos along with the ribeye. Both got a dusting of salt and pepper.

I drizzled the mushrooms with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I forgot that Eric is adamantly opposed to balsamic on grilled portabellos. He's not wrong; the vinegar overtakes the mushroom flavor, but they were still delicious. I made mine into a mushroom burger, on soft ciabatta bread, topped with this simple salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, and feta.

The flavors of the fresh salad and grilled steak topped with grilled mushrooms danced on my tongue. Baby girl couldn't get enough steak tonight. My goodness she's a carnivore. Mr. X was too busy running around the yard as this was our first outdoor dinner in Seattle of the year.

So how do you like your steak? I like them medium-rare, but don't want someone to interpret that as too rare in the middle.

My tip for grilling the perfect steak?

#1 Buy good meat. Fresh, natural, with plenty of marbling. The ribeye tonight was Painted Hills beef, one of my favorite brands, and one we use at Smokin' Pete's BBQ for our brisket.

#2 Preheat your grill. Whether using charcoal or gas, make sure those grill grates are good and hot before putting meat to heat.

#3 Seasoning...keep it simple. I'm a salt and pepper gal, straight up. A good steak needs little adornment.

Happy grilling and Happy Spring!


  1. Julie, I think it's your fault that I failed in my attempt to become a vegetarian this past year! And you're not making it any easier. ;)

  2. Okay dear, you know how to get me in the mood to fight torrential rains to cook a baby like that! That is a steak, and I mean STEAK!