As I happen upon things I use or like, I'll post them here. Part of why I "monetized" the blog, is because you get the nifty pictures attached with the product. If at the end of the year, I've earned a six-pack, I'll be thrilled!

I'll start with something everyone should have: a remote thermometer. Even if your smoker has one built in it, this will give you a better read on the internal temperature, and you can use it to temp your meat without lifting the lid. I've seen remote thermometers out there that send alerts to your phone, wake you up if your temperature dips down below 180 degrees, and make you coffee (or they should for how much they cost), but at that point it's no longer a tool, it's a toy.

In this price range, no matter what brand, the features are pretty much the same. Weber makes a decent thermometer, in part because their barbecue community would have their head if they didn't!

Books! There is no way I can post all of my favorite cookbooks and food-related books in one post. I'll start with a few and add as we go. Feel free to share your favorite books and tools too in the comments.
What do you get when you put two PHB's together? A big book of the best BBQ joints full of recipes, photos and tales. Ardie A. Davis and Chef Paul Kirk bring us their expertise to the page in their latest book.
I talk about Savage Barbecue in my book. For a break from cookbooks, read this for an intellectual look at the origins of barbecue.
I reviewed this book about a year ago. It's another non-cookbook about barbecue rich with content. The very next month both of our books were reviewed in the National Barbecue News. \
I'll end today's post with a classic cookbook every single person should have. No one, I mean no one lays it out like Julia Child. Find out the Way to Cook by the homemaker turned master herself:

There are other books in the margins. I think I'll rotate these each month. Let me know what you think.