Julie Reinhardt's book, recipes, and tips have been featured in Woman's World, The Seattle Times, The Seattle PI, VenusZine, Journal Media Group and numerous other publications and blogs.

She has appeared on
and has enjoyed interviews on Martha Stewart "Morning Living" Show, KXL's Cooking Outdoors with Mr. Barbecue, The Barbecue Central Radio Show with Greg Rempe, and on great blogs like Rebekah Denn's Eat All About It.

She-Smoke was chosen for the Washington Reads program spring 2010 book list recognizing it for it's "contribution to our program and to Washington's literacy legacy."

Here are just some of the wonderful things people have said about She-Smoke: A Backyard Barbecue Book.

"In a controversial voice, Reinhardt's barbecue bible breaks it all down..." - Bust Magazine Oct/Nov 09

"Written under the guise of an introduction to barbecue for women, She Smoke is an outstanding book for anyone." National Barbecue News

"Besides easy-to-execute recipes and tips, Reinhardt is an irrepressible storyteller." Bookbeat, City Living Seattle

"I applaud Reinhardt for breaking it down for those who might be afraid of a propane tank, a charcoal chimney, or the idea of cooking a 12-pound piece of meat for 18 hours over hot coals." The Good Taste Review

"Ms. Reinhardt leaves no edible stone unturned in this marvelous barbecue tell-all..." Dish Magazine

"Where I found this book to really shine is in her in-depth explanations of the basics of barbecue and grilling. She covers all of the fundamentals, from meat cuts, to skinning ribs, to carving brisket, to fire tending and cooking times. She offers clear directions and step-by-step instructions throughout." Patio-Daddio BBQ

Pork, Knife & Spoon said "She-Smoke is smart, witty, and practical."

There are many more. I'll be adding them as I go!