Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures from Memphis in May, Day 1

Whew! What a day. I'll post about it tonight, but first want to give you all some photos of the day. Here is my teammate in the Celebrity Grill Off, anchor Ernie Freeman from Memphis in the Morning on Fox 13.

And the man who made this happen, Barry "CB" Martin. He's the man behind the Char-Broil blog and forum.

Some pics of us getting ready for the Pork Smackdown:

 This is what we cooked on today, The Big Easy. It Smokes, Roasts, and Grills all in one. If you are in the know, just call this baby your "SRG".

 Some shots of the teams. Folks like to have a good time here at Memphis in May, and the rule is be serious about making good barbecue, but laugh about the rest.

That is only a fraction of pictures that I have. I'll post more in a bit. It's time for dinner!!!

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  1. Memphis in May, be still my heart. I have yet to judge east of Texas, but it WILL happen. Even if I don't judge, I want to make it to Memphis next year!