Friday, May 28, 2010

Live tomorrow on KXL radio on Cooking with Mr. Barbecue

Bruce Bjorkman has a great show on KXL Radio out of Portland called Cooking with Mr. Barbecue. I had the good fortune of being on his show for one of my first live radio interviews ever, and he actually asked me back.

Tomorrow we'll jaw about brisket (why not?), my recent fun at Memphis in May, and about the book, one year later. Tune in at 2pm, Pacific time. I'll be on around 2:30, but you'll want to hear his entire show. (If you miss it or can't get it where you are, I'll post a link to the archives once it's up. Well. That is if I don't tank. Then you'll have to search for it yourself!)

He always has an amazing line-up. Last week he interviewed grand champs of Memphis in May, Yazoo's Delta Q.

Wish me luck and remind me to slow down to about half my normal talking speed!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Julie! I must apologize for taking so long in having you back on the show. Time passes by in Ulta-Moch speed anymore! Looking forward to catching up!