Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smokin' Pete's BBQ at Fare Start September 25th

FareStart - Great Food. Better Lives.
Yep, I can see the logo is truncated.
It's probably to stop people like me
from posting their logo on their blogs.
What a great way to end the summer - smoking a whole hog at Fare Start. Eric and I get to teach pig prep the day before, then work with students to cook, present and serve a 3-course meal to all that are attending.

We hope all of you will come because we are going to make a whole mess of delicious barbecue that you won't want to miss. And it's only $29.95 for dinner. And it all goes back into the non-profit job training program, so you get to feel totally smug and self righteous whilst chowing down on some seriously tender pork.

Like it or love it. Dessert is provided by Ala Mode Pies, so total double rainbow people!

In case you live far away, or live under a rock in Seattle, read about what Fare Start is all about, guest chef night, and our menu for the night.

Be there. My mother-in-law will be there so, um, give us a good turn out, okay?


  1. We would be there if you were a little closer than the other side of the country :) Hope it goes well!

    1. Thanks, Chris. It was awesome -such a great group of students and chefs to work with!

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