Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner: Mary F. step forward to claim your prize.

Greetings from Austin, TX. We are having a ball already. And because the sandwich we bought from Wolfgang Puck Express was moldy (effen Puck!), we were starving when we landed. We headed right to Ruby's BBQ, and though I'll post about that soon, let me just say that baby El ate most of the delicious smoked sausage from my plate.

Today we are going to Iron works Barbecue for lunch.

Tonight I will be reading from She-Smoke at Book Woman at 7pm.

But before all that, El and I drew a name from the hat for the big barbecue box of goodness. We had some last minute entries, and most of you stacked the deck excellently.

And the winner is....Mary F. Please step forward! I'll send you a message to get your address to mail your prize. Congratulations!


  1. Ewww nasty Puck! The only think I ever had to do with his food was eat at a Dallas site in the fancy smancy town of Park Cities- Spago, and then danced at an old location of his restaurant ???, but it was a cool spot, and had the first ever stadium kitchen. It just did not go over well, he was before his time, and maybe no one could see him behind that high counter space he he

    Have some good BBQ for me darlin- since I am nowheresbbqville here in Joisey :(

  2. Thank you! And we are...just about every meal is at a barbecue joint here. We may take a little road trip to Lockhart tomorrow.