Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The She-Smoke Stack the Deck Southern Book Tour ***Contest***

I love contests. Did you know I recently won a prize package from @FanOfLamb on twitter? I was agog when my cool I heart lamb shopping bag came in the mail, filled with lamb rub, a lamb cookbook AND lamb stickers with sayings like "I love ewe" and "Green eggs and lamb". Oh ewe.

Here at She-Smoke headquarters, we've drummed up quite a prize package for you as well. It is a big barbecue basket of fun to celebrate my Southern Book Tour that begins next week.

In the picture you see it includes a bottle of Ole Ray's Apple-Cinnamon Sauce. They recently sent me a CASE in thanks after they found out I'd recommended their sauce for an article coming out in May. It's delish.

Next up is your very own special edition Smokin' Pete's BBQ hoodie. It's special edition because our printer-dude made them without us having ordered them. He's awesome, but, yea, the ink after all those years...Large and XL are the only two sizes.

A bottle of my signature Cocoa Bliss rub rounds out the package, plus my review copy of the amazing book, Republic of Barbecue: Stories Beyond The Brisket. I hate to give it up, but it's the kosher thing to do. Sigh. It's really a great book. Luckily, I'm heading right into the Central TX land it examines, so I'll be living it on the tour.

Here are the official rules:

#1. TO ENTER, comment on this post which city you think has the BEST BARBECUE: Austin, Atlanta, or Birmingham? If you have a favorite joint, do spill. I'm collecting quite a list of places to visit.

#2. STACK THE DECK. You may get multiple entries in the drawing the following ways:
a. Become a follower of this blog and get THREE entries in the contest.
b. Tweet or re-tweet about the contest and/or tour and get ONE entry per tweet. Be sure to include @shesmokebbq so I can tally you properly.
c. Become a facebook fan and get TWO additional entries.
d. Mention the tour and/or contest on your blog and get THREE additional entries.

The contest ends April 14, 7pm CTT (that's Central Texas Time), the start of my first tour book event. I will announce the winner on the road, but will leave it packed and ready to mail whilst I'm away so you don't have to wait.

Flex those social media muscles and start stacking the deck!


  1. Well if it is between only those towns I would have to say Austin. Best joint would be Ironworks then Saltlick, Southside Market

  2. Thanks, Woody. You are officially entered in the contest. Thanks - I'd missed Ironworks on my list somehow! I'll be visiting as many places as I can on the book tour and blogging about it here.

  3. I haven't had the opportunity to visit any of these cities myself, but I would have to endorse Austin based on recommendations from friends & family.

  4. Austin does have the most creds and famous names. I also have a love of Birmingham BBQ, as it was my first introduction to the food that is now part of my dna. Thanks for your entry!

  5. Remember, if you follow the blog, twitter the contest or tour, retweet my posts, or fan me on facebook - you get to stack the deck with more entries.

    If it's not obvious who you are in all these places (diffent twitter handles/fb names/blogger names), then send me a list of your "points" via e-mail:

  6. Is that even a valid question? Austin! Specifically, you have to try the beef ribs & sausage at Ironworks, the pork ribs & chicken at the Salt Lick and then venture just a tiny bit outside the city for brisket from Black's BBQ or Kreuz's Market in Lockhart. I <3 the sausage at Smitty's in Lockhart, too. If you want a traileriffic tasty serving of BBQ you can get it at Franklin BBQ in Austin, in a parking lot on the side of the IH-35 frontage road. Delish!

  7. It's certainly not listed here...but...CLEVELAND, OH has the BEST bbq in the country! That would be because I am cooking it in my backyard!!

  8. Kansas City - Oklahoma Joe's.

    Just sayin :)

  9. Thank you for your list, Kay! There were a few not on my list. I hope, I hope to get to Lockhart, but don't know if I'll have time.

    Greg and Aaron, I'll count your entries even though I"m neither going to Greg's backyard, nor to Kansas City. At least not this trip :).

  10. I have to throw my vote in for Birmingham among these choices. Go for Dreamland BBQ.

    However, the really good stuff is in North Carolina! :)

  11. Austin for sure...

    County Line

  12. I have NO idea... but I'll vote for Atlanta just to be contrary. :) Good luck with the tour!

  13. Thank you all for your entries and suggestions!

  14. Blogger just ate my entire post. Depressing, because I love ewe, too! And Cocoa Bliss.

    Ok, here we go again:

    #1: I have absolutely no rub-loving idea, so I won't insult you with a guess - but I do love a certain Smokin' Pete's place in Seattle, WA!

    #2: I'm a follower. I'm a tweeter. And I'm a FAN! (oh, and I just created my own fan page - you can get there from here - weirdness notwithstanding).

    Hope you're having fun on your tour!

  15. I used to live in Austin and wholeheartedly say AUSTIN is best BBQ!! And I have to second or third or wherever we are to Ironworks! Mmmmmm.