Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Tour Ends with a Bang (and thunder and lightning).

Hello from the road! I've just spent a great day with my Alabama family after two great events in Birmingham.

The first was an appearance on Good Day Alabama. What a cushy gig! I grilled on a rooftop patio in perfect spring weather, overlooking the city.  Host Janice Rogers and the crew were so nice that I relaxed as if I were just at a barbecue with friends.

Lucky for me, someone that day cancelled so I got two segments. In the first I made a Chocolate-Chipotle Barbecue sauce, using Theo Spicy Chili chocolate. You can see in the video link that I made pulled pork sliders, topped with Island Slaw, and showed my baby backs finished on the grill.

It was a perfect spring day, but by evening we had a lightening show that the kids watched like fireworks.

The next day was the Book and Cook event at Alabama Booksmith. We were supposed to barbecue in their huge parking lot. That part was cancelled due to the severe tornado warnings and torrential rain.

My family braved the weather to come and we ate barbecue in the back of the bookstore. There were some  non-family members came as well, but most of the bookstore customers called in their book orders. I signed a huge stack of books to a near empty room.

Still, we had a good ol' time, laughing an eating in our mostly private party, with thunder and lightening booming in the background. The owner of Alabama Booksmith was so gracious and kind. He made me promise to come back with the next book I write. I promised back that I would be there.


  1. I heard you guys got it more than up north a little! How cool, eating BBQ 24/7, lol, okay I am jealous :)

    You go girl, and I hope to see you putting on a BBQ gig here in New Jersey together and lets show them how its done!

    Actually that is not a bad idea I have an arts center in a stones throw town up here that wants me to put on one- details later!

  2. Sounds like your'e having a great time, Julie. Congratulations on a highly successful tour. I'll look forward to seeing you when you get back.