Sunday, October 25, 2009

Turkey Week Wrap-up: A few other sites for your journey

I'd like to spend two weeks just on turkey, so I'm sneaking in another blog post about it. I just want to leave you with a few resources to further your journey in smoking the perfect bird. Remember, smoked turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving, and you can brine and smoke a turkey breast for a smaller portion any day of the year.

1). The Eat Turkey Website. It's a massive database of turkeydom.

2). Check out Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn's website of everything barbecue, called Amazing Ribs. Here is a link to his Ultimate Smoked Turkey recipe. Craig is so giving with his detailed recipes, tips, and barbecue research. I love that his dog is watching in the background of his turkey pictures, too!

3). Here is a Honey Brined Smoked Turkey from the Food Network's Alton Brown that looks delicious. I usually use brown sugar in my sweet brines, but I'll have to try this one sometime soon.

4). Danielly Dimovsky of Diva Q, whom I interviewed earlier in the week, posted her turkey recipe on her blog.

5). For a picture of what your turkey should look like, "four hours in", stop by Fat Johnny's Front Porch for a lookly-loo at his turkey on the grill.

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