Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rethinking the Blog and Social Networking

Today I met with social networking guru, Greg Pincus. He is speaking tonight at our SCBWI-Washington chapter meeting and did individual consultations for those of us who signed up. Basically, I wanted him to answer the question, "Why Twitter?"

He gave me much more than that. My issue with the whole twitter/facebook/blogger communication and writing is that it feels like anytime I'm spending doing that, could be spent on actual creative writing. I also sometimes feel like it is noise and that the communications aren't very "authentic". One thing I loved about our meeting is that he said, "This is your platform. You set the rules as to how much time and energy you put into it." His mantra, one I love, is that these connections can form "happy accidents". I must admit that I've had a happy accident recently. A happy accident that you will hear about in the near future.

He also made a page full of suggestions on how to make it something that is both meaningful to me and to others.

I read my first post for this blog and like what I said I'd do: "My plan is to post at least three times a week: One detailed recipe, one barbecue or food news discussion, and one post dedicated to sides, sweets and fun. I'll plan a guest chef blogger each month as well as sprinkle in book news, Smokin' Pete's BBQ news, and the occasional post about motherhood."

While I do all these things in my blog, they aren't on any particular day. I think it would help me, and hopefully those reading this blog (hi mom), if there was a format. I'm going post regular topics, like weekly columns. Every Wednesday may be Foodie News and Interviews, every Friday may be the Weekend Warrior Barbecue Recipe. I'm still working it out and I'll post the schedule soon.

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