Sunday, May 31, 2009

She-Smoke Book Launch Tomorrow

I'm getting nervous. Tomorrow is the big day - the launch party for She-Smoke! A part of me just wants to get back to barbecue and post some recipes here. I have a back log of posts, but can't seem to find time or space to put them up. I laughed a month ago when barbecue Diva Danielle exclaimed, "Gotta get my recipe count up!" for her blog, but now I know what she means. I'm way behind on my recipe count. I want this to be a blog that people come to learn and discuss barbecue and other slow cooked or made-from-scratch foods. Lately it feels like it's all about promo for the book and the restaurant. Oh well, it only happens once in a book's lifetime, right? A book launch is like a christening.

So...She-Smoke news of the week...Suzie Rugh of the Seattle Weekly wrote a wonderfully feisty post about the book launch and contest. Read about it here. I also spoke with reporter Loretto Hulse of the Tri-City Herald about lamb. Grilling it, smoking it, and buying it. The American Lamb Board is running a video contest. I'm going to enter - so should you. In fact, just talking about lamb got me hungry for some so I'll be grilling up some lamb chops tonight. You'll probably see that in a few weeks, at the rate I'm going.

On the menu for tomorrow? A plethora of barbecue "appetizers" for the crowd - mini pulled pork sandwiches, a smoked cheese platter with grilled veggies & mint pesto. Thai chicken skewers, and Aunt Sandra's Three-Week Slaw. There will be other things - I'm about to go shopping to see what looks good. And cake. We need cake. I'll have to beg our cook and baker, Ethan to make me a cake. His cakes are soooooo good.

It's off to market to buy a fat pig! I'll post about the launch party next.

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