Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rebekah Denn's Eat All About It Interview

On Friday food writer Rebekah Denn interviewed me about the book and the contest. If you are from Seattle, you remember her as one of the long-time Seattle PI's food writing stars, but she is recognized nationally: In 2007 she won the James Beard award for Journalism for her restaurant critiques. Now she is busy freelancing and posting to her blog, Eat All About It.

After the interview, I felt a little giddy. I realized why. She was the first person (other than the publishing goddesses at Seal Press) that I've spoken to who has read my book. In fact, I only received a copy of She-Smoke today. Today! What struck me the most is that she really read it cover to cover. And liked it! She's no stranger to the smoker, either.

I'm honored, Rebekah Denn. I've followed your restaurant reviews for years, but of course never had the opportunity to speak to you. There lies a necessary barrier between restaurant owners and restaurant critics. How lovely, then, to talk as two writers who are passionate about food. Read all about it on Eat All About It!


  1. You are on a roll, sister! It is such fun to be witness to your success.

  2. W00t! I'm so glad that Rebekah wrote about you because now I found you! Good barbecue is rare here in the PNW (although great grilling abounds!) and it tends to be just men. Me and my Bandera have been pretty lonely in the sense of having any peers. I'm even more of an odd duck being a Scandihoovian without a trace of Southern in me, but I still have a freezer-full of pulled pork and smoked turkey. Congratulations on your book (and hairdo). Now don't mind me while I peruse the archives.

  3. Thanks foodweb. I'll go find you now! And like we say, we serve up "Traditional Southern Ballard BBQ!" When we first opened people asked if we would sell smoked lutefisk. We decided the niche was way too small :).

  4. Actually it's Saara and that link will just get you to my garden journal which has nothing to do with my food blog. I shouldn't try commenting before the 2nd cup of coffee.
    Smoking lutefisk might be a way to make it have some flavor! :)
    Anyway, here's my blog addy
    I've got some baby backs thawing for tomorrow.

  5. Excellent! Thanks Saara. I enjoyed the garden shots, but I'm psyched to visit your food blog :)