Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Menu: Keeping it fresh and finding new ways to reduce our footprint

We are excited about our new menu. Two new sides are hushpuppies and Island Slaw. Both of these sides are in She-Smoke, and we wanted to feature some of those recipes at Smokin' Pete's. In addition to our two new sides, we have a new sandwich - The Carolina Slow. Made traditionally, Our Slow Joe Pork is mopped and sauced with our Carolina Sour Sauce, topped with slaw, and served with hushpuppies.

All sides will now be a larger, 8oz size. Part of our reason for doing this was because it is easier to find recyclable or compostable containers in this size. We will be researching different containers so you may get a variety of containers for awhile. You may not know it but Smokin' Pete's BBQ composts all of our food waste and compostable paper goods. Almost everything left on the plate (though most of our customers leave pretty clean plates!), such as bones, dirty napkins, any food left over, are things we compost. Even used paper to-go boxes can be composted. As a result we have reduced our garbage by over half! Our smoker drippings and fryer oil get made into BioDiesel, too. We are thankful to live in such a progressive city.

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