Monday, May 4, 2009

It's All In The Hair (and the chair)

Tomorrow (weather permitting) we are re-shooting some video for a book trailer contest we'll launch in a few weeks. I'm really excited about the contest, but don't want to say anything until it's ready. Jaime Temarik made an amazing trailer with footage we shot last week, but I felt I was a little soft in some of the bits. I'm a writer, not a movie star, but I think I can step up my game.

To help boost my confidence in front of the lens, I'm headed to the salon to put back the pink, purple, and red in my locks. I had to let the hair go for a long spell because of babyland, but mama's gotta get her girl on.

It's not just for the sake of vanity, however. Two writer friends of mine and I have a theory - writing success is all in the hair. We jest of course, because we know success in writing is really about sitting in the chair each day and getting to work. But all three of us have experienced a peculiar parallel with hairdos and writing sales.

It all started when Holly Cupala went from natural blond-brown to a cutting edge pinky-red. She landed the agent of her dreams, and has recently blogged about "How to Hook A Hotty" agent. Next, in light of my impending 40th birthday, I washed away the mommy-tail with a new doo of purple, pink and fiery red. The call from Seal Press asking me to write She-Smoke came soon after. Annie Gage said, "I want some of that hairdo mojo!" She rinsed henna o'er her head and almost immediately received a letter in the mail from Highlights magazine with news of her "Talent Night" story's publication.

If it it just stopped there, I might not be a believer. But about six month's after landing her agent, Holly chopped ten inches off her lengthy locks and donated them to Locks of Love. Three weeks later she landed a two-book deal with Harper Collins. Her first novel, currently named, A Light That Never Goes Out will be published in 2010.

Just a coincidence? Perhaps. But why not head to the salon anyway. Even if you don't land a book contract, you will have fabulous hair.

I'm back now, and I love what stylist Jessie did at Derby Salon. Here it is:

Do any of you have a hair success tale to tell? We might be on to something.

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