Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Kick Before Kick Off: It's Bloody Mary Time!

I can't tell you how ready I am for today. I'm celebrating two major events: The Seahawks in the Super bowl and the end of 10 years of my restaurant.

That second one is a doozy. I have vastly mixed emotions. On one hand I am thrilled to be starting something new. I am proud that we have built our catering business enough to walk on its own. But ending a chapter is always bittersweet. So many things I'd have done differently. So many sweet customers I'll miss.

We have such a dear crew, E3 and Falcon, Justin and Ron, Carl, Chai, Bruce, Razzle Dazzle....and too many past employees/friends that I can't even begin to list (and honestly quite a few I'd like to forget). I don't tell them enough how much they mean to me. On the contrary....I was a real bitch on Friday. I laid into someone who was late and realized later that he got it for every employee that has ever been late in the past ten years. It was like a tidal wave of anger coming out of me. So sorry guys. You know it's because I care, right? I wish you all success and happiness.

I am looking forward to some quieter moments in life. The past ten years have been a sprint and while the race may be fun for a while, when it has no end it isn't a life.

A lot of people have multiple restaurants with bustling catering businesses, so it apparently can be done and even done well. I simply can't do it and be healthy and happy. I'm not wired to stop. When I got made, they forgot to put in an off button. I have to force myself to stop by pulling the plug at the source. When I'm home at night with the kids, I can't turn off the fact that my business is operating. A part of me is still operating with it, worrying about it, wondering about it.

Obviously I don't go on every catering and there are plenty of times that the catering business is going on without me. But there will be some times, enough times when it will stop, turn off, when I go home.

I'll drink to that.

Gawd, Julie, This was supposed to be a post about celebrating and drinking, not a tell-all of my psychosis. I'm totally crying right now. And laughing.

So here, my friends, is a recipe for a breakfast Bloody Mary. It's garnished with a breakfast sandwich to give us a little non-liquid sustenance as we gather for the big game.

Read the recipe here. If you are in Seattle, come on down and watch the game at Pete's or stop buy before or after. Eric and I will be there slinging pork.

Peace out.

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