Friday, February 7, 2014

Give Love for Hope Auction

For Valentine's week, how about give some love for hope? The Hope Project, that is, and a little love to this local non-profit goes a long way.

What is the Hope Project?
The Hope Project built Hope International School in Gardnersville, Liberia. It was started by Washington families who had adopted children from the same war-torn town. Two of them are friends of mine, and I love that this is a local non-profit, with a local story, that reaches half way across the globe to help families with so little. We are one big connected community.

Our friends started The Hope Project, one of the only free schools in Liberia, because when they asked the town community leaders what they needed most, the answer was emphatic, "A school!" 

To do so, they first had to build a water and a sewage system, then they literally built the school out of the ashes of war. The school now has 1200 students and their first graduating class this year!  Read more about their story here.

We are raising funds with a small auction on-line for Valentine's Day. It takes so little to make a difference - a teacher's salary is only $100 per month, books for each children a fraction of what it costs here. 95% of your donation goes directly to the school! They have future plans to get this school to be self sustaining and a strong community backing that ensures it's success.

Please check out the auction hereor consider giving even a little to this project. It is dear to my heart. There are some local items, like a catering from Smokin' Pete's BBQ, but also plenty of items that can be mailed anywhere in the US. 
Read all about the Hope Project, Liberia, and how we are all a part of this story.

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