Thursday, September 10, 2009

One little ducky, two little ducky...

After waffling on whether or not I'd bring food to the PNBA conference nightcapper event, I decided, "Of course!". Here are my three pretty smoked ducks. They came out perfectly. I just finished pulling them for a duck salad that I'll assemble at the event in Portland, then scoop in endive spears for an appetizer. I am also bringing pulled pork, because it would be sacrilege not to.

The challenge for bringing food was keeping it properly hot without ruining it, given the distance and time. I opted for a chilled salad (smoked duck with apples, currants and ginger, in a orange marmalade dressing), and an easy re-heat (pulled pork with Lexington sauce). My car will be packed to the hilt. Even bringing just a "taste" for 150 is like a full-scale catering in terms of equipment. I may get some looks from the front desk.

I promise to take pictures and post from the road!