Friday, September 18, 2009

Barbecue Leftovers Week: The Brisket Dip

It's Barbecue Leftovers Week for those of you that stopped by for the first time this week. Next week I will post some of your favorite leftovers, so e-mail me your recipes to:

Today I made a Brisket Dip. We make the dip as a special at Smokin' Pete's BBQ. It always sells out.

Start with a cold chunk of brisket. Remove any large chunks of fat. Slice thin. Admittedly, this works really well with a commercial slicer, as shown, but you can get close to the same result with a sharp knife.

Make Au Jus sauce:

Smoking brisket doesn't give you meat drippings for Au Jus, so I just pick a few of the fattiest pieces from my slices and make a quick beef stock. Here I sauteed some brisket, carrot and celery ends, onion, and parsley with a pinch of salt and pepper. Once fat renders out, simmer for at least 30 minutes. Strain stock and add in one beef bullion cube.

Heat a heavy duty pan to medium high and add meat slices to hot pan. Add in a little of the beef stock to steam it. Meanwhile, toast a good quality baguette. Pile on the meat and dip in your Au jus. Delish!


  1. Julie-
    I want to buy 4 copies of 'She Smoke" and I'd like the Author's signature inscribed to:
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    Tell me how much including shipping

    Lin Melton

  2. Thanks, Lin! I'm mailing out a bunch of books this week so it is perfect timing. I'll let you know the amount after I ship. Please e-mail me your address: