Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stolen! Grilled Nan, Chicken Skewers, and Pork Chops

Well, not really. The grilled nan and chicken skewers were delicious and gobbled up. As were the thick cut pork chops with apple from a previous day. The pictures, however, that I uploaded to my laptop to post on the blog for a week of grilling recipes, were stolen along with my laptop and the picture card reader. Hence no posts this week. I was busy dealing with that theft, recovering from the 4th of July onslaught of orders, and gearing up for another busy weekend.

But we have good good things to write about. For one, Gourmet Girl wrote a wonderful review about She-Smoke here. Incidentally, Gourmet Girl is doing a Cupcake Crawl contest. You have to e-mail them first to get the rules. I'm hoping to enter. The deadline is July 15, so get to it!

The big news is that the She-Smoke contest ended on Tuesday, the 7th. Some last-day entries came in and I will announce the winners on the KXL Portland radio show, "Cooking Outdoors with Mr. Barbecue" at 2:30pm. The Grand Prize winner will win a $400 Traeger Grill! All of the entries are impressive. It will be a difficult decision. Perhaps you would like to give me your opinion? Right after this I will post a link to the entries. Feel free to vote for your favorite.

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