Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th: Prepping Ribs for the Grill

July 4th is the most popular day to barbecue in the US, so chances are you are either hosting one or bringing something to a barbecue. A perfect day for ribs, here are a few tips to make yours like the pros.

Remove the membrane. The membrane covering the rib bones are a barrier to the spice rub and is chewy. It's a lot like peeling off a sticker.

1) Find a spot at the corner of the ribs and lift up with your finger. A spoon or butter knife also works well.

2) Grab it with a paper towel and pull, or just use your fingers. Baby backs have a thick membrane that is easier to remove than the larger spare ribs.

Dry rub ribs. A dry rub is any mixture of dry spices. Make your own or use a commercial blend. Sprinkle rub generously on the ribs with your hand at least 6 inches above the ribs to get an even coating. Pat rub in place (remember, this isn't a massage). Flip the ribs and coat the other side. Let ribs set in the rub 20 minutes to a day ahead.

The pictures here are of baby backs. For a spare rib recipe from She-Smoke, check out this article from today's online PI. You are ready! Remember to keep that fire low, and get your smoke on with the wood of your choice. Have a great Fourth of July everyone!

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