Monday, July 27, 2009

The crush of summer

You may notice I haven't posted in a while. It's crush time for those of us in Barbecueville. Crunch time is right before we load out of a catering, but this time of year it feels like it will never end. Caterings are pretty much every day, often in multiples, and the weight of getting every piece of cornbread, enough pork, enough napkins, exactly on time, every time, sits there, on top of us, crushing down. OK, that was way too dramatic, but you get the drift.

What's more, my laptop was stolen, with the camera card reader, so I'm out of my rhythm, without my regular tools. Then there are staff on vacation, one injured, and my folks are out of town, which means we are short-handed on the babysitting end too. There. Those are my reasons.

Oh, one more. It's hot. Our house is hot. And messy. So I moved the whole family into my parent's basement to enjoy some cool nights and to trash their house for awhile. Today I ran back home to feed the cats, shower and change for work, and sneak in a blog post. I also got to clean the house in a whirl without my 3-yr old following me around "dumping", as he calls it. Dumping means undoing whatever I've just picked up to teach me that playing is much more important than a clean house. He's right, but today I looked at a floor without toys or unidentified sticky swaths of goo and took a deep breath. I feel guilty. I feel like I've secretly been to the spa.

It's back to it. I hear the phone and I'm late for work. Next year I'll have this all figured out. I'll schedule a host of guest bloggers during the June-August crush to help keep the blog going. This year I'll just have to be inconsistent and hope the eight to ten of you out there won't mind.

I will post soon about my demo next Sunday at Mrs. Cooks (s---! I'd better get ready for that!).


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