Sunday, July 12, 2009

She-Smoke Contest Winners. Whoohoo!

The She-Smoke Virtual Barbecue contest ended on the 7th and I was lucky to announce the winners on KXL Radio's "Cooking with Mr. Barbecue". Before I tell you the winners, let me just say that the entries were amazing. Truly. I was so thrilled to view each entry and couldn't believe the quality.

It made my job difficult. If you didn't hear all my explanations and descriptions on the show, here are the winners, and why I picked them.

1) Most Humorous. OK, I changed the "Best Party" to this category. Many of the entries could have won best party, but the two gals, Sharon and Ellen put on quite a show, complete with tiaras and dancing cans. Check out their video here.

2) Most Unusual Smoker. I loved Brad's video. He really gets what barbecue is - the noun, the cooking method, and the event. He showed us his smoker made by students at the high school where he teaches.

3) Best Video: Andrew's video took the cake in this category. His video told his story in a documentary style - from interviews with his mom and dad, to the whole family cheering on the Lakers.

4) Most Appetizing 'Cue: I must say that the first video entry by my cousin Courtney, showed some delicious babybacks ribs coming out of my Uncle Steve's Big Green Egg. It helps that I've tasted those ribs before. The video from the Tennessee family is hilarious, and one I'll cherish. I'll send them a book, but in case any one has an issue with one of my family member's winner, I'd like to nominate Brad M. as theh official winner. His tasty plate of pulled pork (not to mentino the perfect slices of brisket at the opening) will win him a bottle of my Cocoa Bliss Rub.

And now for the Grand Champion. To me it came down to a near tie between Andrew and Brad's entries. Both videos were rock solid. Both told the story of what barbecue meant to them. Both showed what they were cooking and that the cooking was part of the event of barbecue that brought family and people together. I connected with both of these videos and wanted to give them both a Traeger. Alas, we have only one. I was leaning toward Andrew because he brought us in more directly to his story. Brad, however, had the most passion for, and knowledge of barbecue in his video. What was I to do?

Then I noticed that Brad's video was over 3 minutes, the maximum time specified on the contest rules. Though I hate to have it come down to a technical disqualifier, them's the rules. It also helped me choose! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the entry that won the $400 Traeger Junion Pellet Grill. The Grand Champion entry. Take a bow, Andrew Perry, and then start smokin' your heart out!

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  1. I recorded the live show and I happened to have had some people over. Everyone here cheered after hearing the announcement. We are all excited about the win, and I've promised to throw a big BBQ party to break in the Traeger! Thanks to everyone who entered. There were a lot of great entries!