Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Third Place Books Demo & Book Talk

Last night I butterflied a chicken and talked about the smoking process in the amazing test kitchen of Third Place Books. I first read from the chicken chapter, "Birds for Birds" and ended with some smoked chicken for all to taste. In attendance was an amazing photographer and friend, Brock Mason, who took some shots of the evening. Good thing, too, because though I brought my camera, I'd left the reader card in the computer. Here is one of those pictures. You can find the rest posted on my facebook page or his.

A shout out to my friend Kirby Larsen who came last night. Great to see her. If you haven't read her two latest books, Hattie Big Sky (won the Newbery Honor award) and The Tale of Two Bobbies (about a cat and dog that survived Katrina), you really should.

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  1. I saw the pics on the photographer's Facebook - those are really awesome shots! I friended him just so I could say so. :)