Friday, June 19, 2009

Guest Blogger - Cyndi Allison from Yes You Can Grill!

Please welcome my first guest blogger, Cyndi Allison. Cyndi's website, Yes You Can Grill gives great tips and recipes for grillers and would-be grillers. Her blog Barbeque Master goes deep into equipment, technique, latest trends and traditional recipes. I'd read Cyndi's blog and website before we sent her a copy of She-Smoke to review. She posted an amazing review of the book and I thought it would be great to have her on the blog as a girl grill expert. This is part one of two posts she wrote about her journey into barbecue and grilling. Welcome Cyndi!

Yes – Girls Can Grill

I grew up grilling which was unusual for the time, place, and family. In the South, in the 1960s and 1970s, things were pretty traditional. My Dad worked and mowed the yard. My Mom took care of the kids and house and made Raggedy Ann dolls. I was the “wild child” and begged three years before my Dad would let me play Little League baseball (no girl teams back then). But, for some reason, I went on the grill at an early age. Perhaps, it was because I was the oldest of the four kids, or maybe Dad decided it was too hot outside one day and thought he’d turn over the tongs.

Oops – I Won’t Do That Again
Starting the fire was always the biggest challenge, and I quickly learned what not to do. When the fire was slow catching, I thought I’d keep hitting it with lighter fluid. For anyone who doesn’t know, fire will travel up the lighter fluid stream and burn your eyelashes and singe your curls. Throwing the can of lighter fluid down the driveway worked pretty well (that once), but that’s not recommended.

A couple of years later, I discovered that gas grills should be lit with the lid up. If you press the red button with the lid down, you get a sonic boom and the grill lid flies open. This will knock you down on your behind, and everyone will laugh once they figure out that only your feelings are hurt. Again, this is definitely not something to try at home or anywhere else for that matter.

Taking it Outside with Kids
Over the years, I continued to grill and even more after the boys were born. Cooking in the kitchen was work. Grilling was a party. I had much more cheerful helpers if I fired up the grill. Even now, we do the bulk of our meals outdoors. This even includes snow days.
Tomorrow read her Perks of Being a Barbecue Chick and her Tips for getting your grill on!

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  1. (-: Hey there Julie! What fun being your first guest blogger. I'm glad to see more girls getting in on the action, and your book is just wonderful. It's rare to find a barbecue and grill book that covers things so well. Plus, I enjoy your lively personality that shines through too.