Friday, May 16, 2014

What a May-ful! (And congrats to Big Bob Gibson BBQ, Grand Champs of Memphis in May!)

Boy am I behind. I have all kinds of posts in the pike, but this month has been so full of barbecue and grilling activities, I haven't had time to write: I'm too busy doing! It's a little like catching water in motion.

Coming up is about our Barbecue 101 class, Brisket with Friends, Vegas with Char-broil (also friends!), my new camera, caterings up the wazoo including some shots of a recent whole smoked pig we did for a wedding, and finally, a post about how to get perfect sear marks on your steak.

Until I get all that down on the virtual paper, here's a video interview I did with Pork Barrel BBQ at Memphis in May a few years back. Congrats to Big Bob Gibson BBQ for taking Grand Champion this year! That reminds me that I have to get Chris Lilly's new book, Fire & Smoke. when I do, I'll write a post about that too. What? You don't believe me?

I promise. Sometime. After I get through May. Barbecue season has arrived.

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