Wednesday, April 30, 2014

*Cool* New Grill Brush

A surprise package came from Char-broil a few weeks ago - this cool new grill brush. It's to be used on a cold grill before you turn on the grill, or after it's been cool for awhile.

I normally brush my grill hot before and after a cook, but sometimes the after gets forgotten when everyone is hungry hungry hungry and I'm rushing to get something in the mouths of my little birds (and big daddy bird).

It worked great. I used it on a really sticky gross grill that someone - not me - hadn't cleaned properly. Not naming names, but there are only two adults in the household allowed to use the grill.... The nylon bristles were nice and tough and the slightly curved handle added leverage, which for a short person is really appreciated.

It also cleaned up quickly with hot water afterwards. I was afraid to use soap, but I'm quite certain that cleaning instructions came in the box. Only I didn't read them and it probably got recycled by now.

My only critique? I want the brushes to be blue and for it to say in huge letters COOL on the handle because I know that he-who-I-am-apparently-not-naming-in-this-post will use it hot. Totally inevitable. Even though I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and said, "DON'T use this brush hot! OK? It's supposed to be used cold!"

That last bit may have been dramatically enhanced for effect, but I did tell him. And he will forget.

The best part? The brush came with a spare head. Just like Red Dwarf!


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  2. Have to get my review up. I love the design just wasn't too crazy about doing the cold clean until I tried it on my comp pit. It ROCKED at cleaning those smoky, greasy pull out pit shelves.

    1. I, too was skeptical, but clean it did! Just have to keep my husband away from it. He's all fire, all the time (and and Aries, so it fits...).

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