Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Our New Rig: Big Jim

mobile BBQ smoker
We've added a second mobile smoker to our catering menagerie. We named this big guy after the man who built and sold him to us. Both the rig and man worked with Armadillo BBQ for ages, and we liked the fact that this smoker had good BBQ provenance.

We broke in Big Jim on a wedding catering with a whole pig. Seemed fitting. While our other smoker is certainly large enough to handle a whole hog or two, it's far smaller and lighter than this guy.
smoked pig

Here's to BBQ season (which, incidentally, has already begun). I'll be buried in pork drippings for the next few months, but will be posting as we go.

Happy BBQ & Grillin' Month!


  1. Gorgeous pig! Big Jim started off with a bang. I like seeing an axe with a smoker, let's me know it's real wood smoke.

    1. Thanks, Chris! Yes, the axe always comes along...