Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Meat Labels - Meathead's said it all

Yesterday, while flying through the grocery aisles with one of those monstrous car carts, the kids content with "driving" the front end of the racing striped beast I had to maneuver through hordes of shoppers, I was shocked at seeing a pork roast labeled "pork brisket."

'Oh dear,' I thought, 'someone is new at the label machine. Don't they know? If I had a dollar every time I had to explain to customers that brisket is beef, not pork...'

But that flash of a thought was interrupted by the kids arguing about who had more room, and a major traffic jam in the yogurt section. I didn't have time to alert the store of their error; I needed to get home with the groceries before everyone imploded from low blood sugar.

Later I read the announcement that pork cuts were being re-labeled to be more "consumer-friendly." Names like "Pork Rib-eye chop" and "Pork New York Chop" are coming/have come to your grocer, as well as gawd forbid, pork brisket. While I might find a way to work the Pork New York into a haiku, it all seems like a way to make pork fancier, which translates to more expensive.

Before I could muster much more hubris than that, Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn's post about the subject showed up on my blog roll stream. As usual, he's said it all on the subject on his most excellent website, Amazing Ribs. Go read his agitated post about the new meat labels, and put your two cents in here or there as you see fit.

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