Friday, April 12, 2013

How much food? Planning for a party.

By the intensified volume of the Smokin' Pete's e-mail inbox, I know that this is one of the key times when people work on their summer party plans. It's after Easter, right before spring break and Mother's Day, so there is a window, right? A little window of time to work on your family reunion, graduation party, or more casual wedding.

We sell a lot of barbecue by the pound for pick up in our restaurant and the number one question I get asked by people is how much food to order for their group. You don't all plan huge parties every day, and it can be very overwhelming, and somewhat mysterious, figuring out how much food to make or purchase.

Because of this, I recently wrote a post on Char-broil that breaks it all down. After all, it's just math. Get our your calculator and read the full post here. I promise it won't be difficult, overwhelming or mysterious.


  1. Clever :)
    Have you heard about the smokeless BBQ?