Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Backyard Barbecue Class, June 2

Photograph of Barry CB Martin aka Chef Barry host of Welcome to the Cookout!Photograph of Lynnae Oxley - leader of Sugars Championship BBQ TeamPhotgraph of Julie Reinhardt author of She Smoke and co-owner of Smokin' Peat's BBQ Joint.

Want to hone your barbecue skills? Come join me and two amazing teachers - Barry Martin and Lynnae Oxley - on June 2 at Smokin' Pete's BBQ
Chef Barry is a grilling master, long time grill spokesman, and has been on myriad cooking shows, most recently a series of spots on the Weather Channel. Lynnae is the pitmaster of Sugars Barbecue and will be on the upcoming Barbecue Pitmaster's television show.
We have two sessions, a morning and afternoon, both of which will serve a meal at the restaurant. We'll go over all the basics of hot and fast grilling and slow and low barbecue to help you wow your friends and family at your next barbecue. 
Please check out the full website with bios, class info, and the registration form. It's only $100 for a four hour class with three instructors and lunch! We wanted to make it easy for you to sign up. So sign up! If you can't come, do tell your friends in the greater Seattle area about it. We're smokin' for ya!

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