Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She-Smoke chosen as a "Washington Reads" selection

Up until now, I've never won an award. I got close in a third grade spelling bee, taking home a hot pink certificate for second runner-up. I earned a vacuuming badge once, solidifying me as a feminist at the age of ten.

I was voted Most Spirited in high school basically because I was a spaz. I wasn't a cheerleader or on the pep squad, didn't go to many football games, nor was I in the marching band. I think I was voted most spirited because I giggled a lot.

When I saw the very large envelope from the Secretary of State, I thought, "Oh dear, did I misfile something for the restaurant? Why did it come to my house?" I didn't open it for a week. When I finally did, I saw the golden seal and immediately felt like Charlie, peeling back the wrapper on his golden ticket.

Let me share my chocolate with you.

The Washington State Library chose She-Smoke as one of its Spring Washington Reads selections! I'm a bit giddy. It says, "This honor is bestowed by the Washington State Library, recognizing your contribution to Washington's cultural heritage." This spring the theme was "The Tastes of Washington, Part 2".

You can find out about the other books chosen here.

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