Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging out with Eggheads in Kent

Saturday, the rain parted for a day, just in time for the Pacific NW Eggfest. I spent the day cooking MOINK balls on a Big Green Egg, and sampling what other "Eggheads" were cooking.

Here is my "Egg for a day"

You wouldn't believe the variety of foods cooked on these all-in-one smoker grills. Besides the "regular" barbecue fare of all things pork, I had bites of omelet, cornbread pudding, salmon, pizza, and even french fries!

There were plenty I didn't get to try, like this man's apple pancakes.

It was nice to see so many egghead women in the ranks. Some brought their kids, others wore tiaras.

This BBQ Queen Bee is Renee O'Harran, the Director of Food Services at The Northwest School. She smoked up her own brined bacon.

The next egglady, Jill Van Berkom, is truly a Jill of all trades. She's an artist AND she churned out fabulous pizzas all day. Notice her hand crafted bead...of a Big Green Egg...on her necklace.

The Fire Fighters For a Cure won everyone over with this CUTE watermelon egg. Like we need any more reasons to drool over the fire fighters. Their makin' mini eggs out of watermelons, raising money for breast cancer, saving lives, all while in uniform mind you.

But the best, in my humble, chocolate addicted opinion, was the dessert by father and daughter team Troy and Hayley. They baked this out of donut dough, mixed with chocolate and who knows what else (I need to ask for the recipe), topped with ice cream. Oh yeah. You see them slicing like mad because they had a line out their tent.

What a fun day. If you get a chance to come to Eggfest 2011, do! I know I'm going to be there.


  1. That Green Egg looks pretty cool! Now I'm hungry from looking at all the yummy food. Cheers!

  2. Hey! Eggfest was awesome! Check out my photos from the event here: