Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Psychic MOINK Balls

The planets have aligned and two spectacular events are colliding together on Saturday, June 5th. You guessed it: World MOINK Ball Day AND the Smokin' in Seattle Eggfest.

When the Big Green Eggfest folks invited me to "come on down with some books and cook on an Egg", I immediately thought, "I know, I'll cook MOINK balls. Those bacon-wrapped, rubbed-n-glazed meatballs will draw the crowd to me like trouble finds Charlie Sheen."

Then, at Memphis in May, I had the pleasure of cooking (and losing) to Larry "MOINK Ball" Gaian, the inventor of the tasty meaty treat, who informed me that June 5th is in fact, WORLD MOINK BALL DAY! How did I know? I must have tapped into some collective world consciousness, or something.

Was that a shiver I saw run down your back?

Seriously, I'm totally egg-cited. I love the Big Green Egg and have never attended an Eggfest.

OK, everyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, raise your hand (hi mom!). Let me back up.

1) A MOINK ball is a delicious barbecue appetizer that is a beef meatball (MOO), wrapped in bacon (OINK), dry rubbed, smoked, then finished with a glaze of one's choice. MOO + OINK = MOINK!

2) An Egg, or formally, A Big Green Egg, is a ceramic charcoal cooker that can be used to smoke slow and low, or to grill on high heat. It looks like an egg. People who love cooking on BGE's are called Eggheads. Gatherings of people who like/buy/sell/cook on BGE's are called Eggfests.
Come find me Saturday, from about 10-2pm in Kent (click on the link above for more info), and try some MOINK balls.

Tomorrow I will post a batch of MOINK balls with a link to Larry's recipe.

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