Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pike Place Market BBQ Competition

On Sunday I got to judge the first Northwest barbecue competition of the year at the Pike Place Market, hosted by the PNWBA. 29 teams competed in four barbecue categories - Pork, Ribs, Chicken and Brisket. Teams loaded in the night before, set up their tents, smokers and everything they needed to be ready for their turn ins the next day.

As a judge, I sat at a table with 5 other certified barbecue judges and we scored entries "blindly"on a scale of 2-9 (1 being for disqualifications). Blind judging means we don't know which team we are scoring nor do they know who judges their entry. Every team submits 6 samples per entry for a table of 6 judges. Each entry is scored by appearance, texture, and taste. We filled out our score cards and also comment cards on each entry for the cooks.

The sun made this day just perfect (last year it snowed!) and we sampled some excellent barbecue. I had fun dissecting the nuances of each entry with judge and barbecue writer Steve Feller next to me (after everyone was done scoring at our table, of course). Tim King and the Slabtown Ribs and BBQ Team stole the day with 1st in Brisket, 1st in Pork Butt, and...

Grand Champion.

Of note Lynnae Oxley of Sugar's Bar-B-Q took Third overall. She is featured in one of the She's Smokin' side bars in She-Smoke.

What we didn't eat, we could take home, so my husband made a linguini with the leftover smoked chicken, green beans and fresh thyme for dinner. Mmm. It was devoured before I could take a picture.


  1. Great Blog Julie! I look forward to some great BBQ ideas. Where can I get you book?

  2. Looks great. Love the BBQ tones throughout.

  3. Hey Julie!! WOW what a great blog!!! I'm so excited to be part of it. 3rd overall for the first comp of the season isn't bad...but Tim just rocked!! Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

  4. Hi Ed,
    Thank! The book will be out June 1st. It's on now for pre-orders.

  5. Julie,

    Great blog! I'm looking for a rotisserie to roast a pig (75-100#'s) for a birthday party at the end of August but the rental places only have 5' charcoal grills with motor rotisseries. The party will be at a group camping site without power so I was hoping something else might work. Any ideas what to look for and who might have one to borrow/rent? Thanks!


  6. Leftovers are pretty good in big barbecues. Portions are often pretty big, and the flavor remains tasty even after a while. Of course, adding a little extra to the leftover haul of meat is very acceptable.