Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Very First Post

I wanted to start this blog while writing my book She-Smoke, but decided I had to put every ounce of energy into finishing the book first. Energy that was rationed because the same week the book contract came in, so did my pregnancy test results. The book is coming out June 1st and my baby girl is now three months old.

Now I am faced with the blank white page, or in this case pink, and, like every new notebook, I feel both excited and nervous to begin. My hope is that this blog can be a meeting place for women (and men) to talk about barbecue, food, and a girl's view of the 'cue. Perhaps "girl's view" isn't right, but rather the more lofty notion of the feminine, a sort-of break-the-rules party girl Dionysus barbecue blog.

I want to cook with you, gab with you about barbecue and food cooked slowly, from scratch, and maybe even throw in some political meat from time to time. My plan is to post at least three times a week: One detailed recipe, one barbecue or food news discussion, and one post dedicated to sides, sweets and fun. I'll plan a guest chef blogger each month as well as sprinkle in book news, Smokin' Pete's BBQ news, and the occasional post about motherhood.

Since this weekend was the first barbecue event of the year in Washington - the Pike Place Market Barbecue Competition (I was one of the judges), and we finally have some spring, it's a fitting time as any to begin. I'll post pics from the competition next.

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