Monday, May 28, 2012

Five Questions

I just sent out five questions to five ladies I get the honor of spending Thursday with talking about grilling and barbecue. Many of them are on the PTA at my son's school and bid on my "Ladies Barbecue Lesson & Dinner" auction item to raise funds for all those "extra" educational opportunities like art, music, and science lab.    They volunteer far more time than I do, but this was a way I could contribute. It's also a way I could give back and drink wine at the same time. So win/win.

I love teaching people about grilling and barbecue, especially beginners. Because I'm not sure of the skill level of these five ladies, I sent out these questions to get a sense of what to cover in the lesson.

So here they are. Admittedly #5 isn't a true question. What would your answers be?

1) Tell me a little about your grilling experience. Don't worry if your answer is "never". Are you comfortable on the grill, tentative but willing, think that it will blow up at any moment, or a seasoned (almost) pro?

2) What do you have in your backyard: gas, charcoal, both, or neither?

3) What do you most want to learn? 

4) Are you more interested in grilling or smoking slow and low, or a little of both?

5) And finally, red or white?


  1. 1) Most of my experience has been on little charcoal grills or a pit fire in the mountains when I'm camping. I tried an electric smoker once (tried some big hunk of pork or beef, can't remember) and that one failed. I am very comfortable and do a great job with grilling on charcoal or over wood. I'm totally uncomfortable with gas grills (will it go up in flames?) and electric smokers (is it really cooking in there?).

    2) Standard sized "kettle" charcoal grill, gets used a fair amount. Electric smoker (bullet looking type), was used only once and really wants to be put to use again.

    3) I want to learn how to smoke and do it right!

    4) Most of the time would prefer grilling because we live quite spontaneously and often decide to have a bbq about 5pm on the day we do it. However, I love the idea of planning and prepwork for a slow smoked bbq, at least a couple times a year would be nice.

    5) I love to grill salmon, veggies, vegetarian items, and chicken. I also enjoy grilled hot dogs and burgers, but that's my husband's department. I generally avoid pork altogether because I sort want to keep kosher (except I cheat by bringing bacon along to grill over the fire on camping trips as part of our breakfast feast).

  2. 1) Seasoned, grill/smoke 12 months a year, even in Connecticut
    2) Charcoal, 2 Weber performers and an 18.5 WSM smoker
    3)How to do Montreal smoked meat
    4) Both, but usually only have time for the smoker on weekends
    5) Depends but bothing goes better with a Porterhouse than a nice Barolo.

  3. Cheryl, I wish you were coming to the lesson this week! I hear you about deciding at 5pm what to cook for dinner. Same thing happens here. That's why I love grilling and barbecue!

  4. Alright, I’ll give this a shot. :)

    1. I won’t qualify myself as a pro, but grilling has been a part of my life for quite some time. That being said, I’m quite comfortable on the grill.

    2. Charcoal gas all the way! It gives the food I grill a traditional feel. I loved it before, and I think that won’t change.

    3. Grilling grated fish and vegetables!

    4. Definitely grilling. However, I smoke once in a while to get me out of my comfort zone. :D

    5. I use a little bit of both. Too much red is dangerous to your health. Not grilling a steak is almost a sin. :)

  5. Thank you for making me laugh Dionne, by your last line. Not grilling a steak is almost a sin! Best, Julie