Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Week of Seasonal Grilled Veggies

Keeping a fridge full of healthy options in the summer months for me is a challenge because we work so so much. It's a pity too because summer is when there is such a bounty. This is the time to be making summer grilled steak salads or grilled shrimp salads with greens and tomatoes from your garden.

But for some of us, summer gets too hectic for gardening and meal planning. Here is an efficient way to keep the fridge chock full of vegetables in any season. It was a fun post to write because, well, I had tons of healthy and delicious food to eat all week that wasn't some variation of the quesadilla, my go-to food for when there is nothing in the house but random catering leftovers and corn tortillas.

Read the post here.

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