Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Madness Party with the Girls

I'm on a mama's weekend right now, and while mum's the word (get it?) on what happened to the lamp, and our no-facebook pact is in place (what happens on #mamasweekend, stays on #mamasweekend), I can tell you this: the food is both  fabulous and copious. The fridge is so packed that every time it is opened, a container of hummus comes flying out. There is a table dedicated to the chocolate stash. And the snack section, well, it ain't a bag of Doritos.

What we don't have are cheese sticks, juice boxes or Mac-n-Cheese.

It's fitting that my post on Char-broil is up in time for March Madness. The theme? Girl power appetizers to class up your sports-viewing. Not that there is anything wrong with pigs in a blanket or nacho cheese sauce. They have their place. But for your mama's weekend or Sweet Sixteen party this weekend, I encourage you to cook with the big girls. Read the whole post here, and enjoy!

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