Friday, March 14, 2014

Here's A Monty Python Video While You Wait. An Operator Will Be With You Shortly...

That was a little longer break on the blog than I'd expected. I had a lot of expectations of things being done in the last month, but things in reality move much more slowly than the pretty pictures in my head.

Even so, life is going swimmingly at our *New and Improved* Smokin' Pete's BBQ. We have been going one room at at a time scrubbing and painting and moving furniture here and there, in and out. Signs have been ordered and arrived so that in the near future we can take the butcher paper off the windows that makes people think we are closed. We have huge windows, for those of you that aren't near, which are great for letting in light, but make one feel like a fish. For a restaurant, "fishbowl is goot". For a catering kitchen during crunch time, not so much. But we'll have a lovely front space built for tastings, pick up orders and meetings soon, in two weeks, um, whenever the contractor gets it done.

The thing is, we keep having to stop to cater, which is awesome of course, but it means not a lot is getting done on super secret brand #2.

You'll simply have to be patient. Good things take time, especially food. And if you know me personally, you know that my silence is, well, a rare thing to be treasured. It means good things. It also means I won't bore you with cute stories about my kids or my issues with wheat (we'll get to that soon. Oh joy!).

Until then, I suggest we all relax and have a laugh. Monty Python is a favorite of mine.