Saturday, January 25, 2014

Huge Announcement About Our Restaurant, Smokin' Pete's BBQ

Here is what we sent out to our customers this week. I wanted to post it here on the blog in case people didn't see it . We are getting lots of best wishes and "that's a total bummer" comments, but it's definitely what is right for our business, our lives, and our family.
We're going 100% Catering & Wholesale
(last day for restaurant is Superbowl Sunday)

We're not closing, just evolving.
First of all, we love our customers. We've loved serving you and our neighborhood for ten years and look forward to the next ten, just differently. Second of all, you can still call in orders ahead of time, with a little more notice. 
Our decision to change and close the restaurant as of February 3rd is not a sudden one, but something we've been working toward for a year. The catering side has grown beyond the "back door" and we want to put all of our energy and focus into it.
Adding in wholesale to market our pickles and other items has also been a dream but one we can't do while running a restaurant full time and raising our kids.

Here are some facts:

1) You can still call in orders ahead with 48 hours notice. Info about how will be up on our website in February.

2) We're having a Superbowl Sunday partyand you are invited! Yep, we'll have a TV, beer specials, and will be slingin' the wings as we celebrate the Hawks in the bowl! We are so proud of our team!

3) We'll be introducing a new catering brand soon and the wholesale end of things will launch when it's ready.

4) Our catering line is still (206) 331-8279. Our e-mail is still We hope you will share fond memories with us these next two weeks in the restaurant, by celebrating on Superbowl Sunday, or by dropping an e-mail to us. 

5) We'll be out and about in the neighborhood, like the Adams Elementary Winter Harvest Festival on February 7 and Seafood Fest this summer.

We're smokin' for ya'!

Julie and Eric Reinhardt

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  1. Changing from a restaurant to wholesale and catering is a huge move but an exciting one! With a change in direction you can sometimes bring a whole new lease of life to a business. You obviously value your customers dearly and I am sure many will still use you for your new services. A huge good luck to you.