Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three tips for grilling fish

It's definitely fish grilling season because the salmon have started to run! I love grilling fish, but it's definitely the protein that causes the most anxiety for people. For one, it's expensive and (hopefully) wild. There is a certain pressure to perform when handling $15/lb fillet that has a limited availablity, right?

Fish is also more delicate than a big thick steak or hamburger, so people are afraid to grill it. Here are three of my top tips to success on the grill with fish.

1) Buy good, wild fish. When purchasing, make sure the eye is not cloudy, nor should the flesh feel overly tacky. Check that the bones aren't pulling away from the flesh in spots - that's an indicator that it's been sitting for awhile. Starting out with a good product means much less work in the cooking process. You don't need a ton of seasoning or sauces because the fish is good on its own.

2) Oil the fish, not the grates. That said, make sure your grill is well-seasoned and well pre-heated before starting. Give your fish a light coating of high-heat oil like canola.

3) Grill flesh side down first and let the fish tell you when to flip. Really. The fish will tell you when it's ready. Place the fish, flesh side down and leave it. When the fish gently releases from the grill it means the collogen has started to release, and the fish will release from the grilll. Too early and it will stick.

Enjoy the tips, and if you want more or have a question about grilling fish, just ask me in the comments. I answer back.

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