Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Smokin' on my Big Easy: a video post

I'm having a lot of fun with my Char-Broil electric smoker named The Big Easy, so much so that I was inspired to make a video. When it first arrived at my doorstep, I harbored doubts of The Big Easy's smokability. It was, after all, electric. But as you will witness in my goofball video, this baby brings it. I've decided she's a she. As for names, I'm thinking Bertha or Betty or She-easy. I'll take suggestions. You do all name your grills and smokers, right?

I'm writing a full post about smoking a whole picnic pork shoulder for Char-broil, but until then, check this out!


  1. I have never used an electric smoker. It looks like it would be a lot "She-easy" than charcoal and wood. With the right recipes and a great chef like Julie how could I go wrong. She Smoke would be a great asset to my library of cook books.
    Diane Jackson

    1. Thank you, Diane! And I see you name vote. I'm leaning toward She-Easy myself :). By the way Christo over at the blog Chez What? is having a She-Smoke cookbook giveaway contest. I'll let him know you commented!

  2. Nice looking picnic! I might pick one up, our grocery store had them priced low this weekend. I need to keep the skin to make REAL chicharones. I usually get lazy and skip it.

  3. Thank you, Chris! You know, I don't smoke many shoulders at home because I get enough pork in my life at work. But this was fun to do "for old time's sake" in the backyard.

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  5. That looks delicious! How long did you cook it? I'm looking to cook a brisket, flat end about 5 lbs. Wanna do it low and slow but not sure how to extend cooking time once temp reaches set point on Big Easy 2 in 1. Any advice?