Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been experimenting with pickles for the restaurant. We serve them on the small plates and with sandwiches. This new batch is very garlicky and spicy. I think in a good way. It's too early to tell. I've made a large batch of refrigerator pickles - hopefully a one month supply - and will can some of the batch tomorrow.

Canning is pretty new to me. I'm brining the cucumbers first overnight in pickling salt and ice (which will melt slowly and become the brine). This is a step I've never done before but word on the pickling street is that it keeps them crisper.

Anyone found this to be true? Any amazing pickle tips you want to share?

Pickling feels a lot like soapmaking to me. It's a similar rhythm. One I'm drawn to. It's basically the opposite rhythm of the firestorm of the line, which is my husband's realm. Hmmm. He's a fire sign. I'm a water sign.

So, if any of you are pickle people, please give me a holler!

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